Nykyaikaista metallinkierrätystä!


Scrap metal recycling

We receive in our units metals and metal products. Dealing with discarded scrap metal feedstocks. We deliver, where appropriate, a report of materials received in the environmental management system for our customers.

We accept inter alia household appliances, IT equipment, containers (washed), as well as prevoltage wires and cars.

Among the others we will refund the following metals: aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, tin, and cables.

We collect scrap metal with car equipped with a crane or dumpster car, and deliver on-site transport pallets for waste collection. Transport pallets can be ordered by phone.

Scrap metal reception:
Monday - Thursday 7.00 - 16.30
Friday                      7.00 - 16.00
No reception on Saturdays

Orders and emptying scrap metal collection pallets, and the collection with crane car, can be subscribed from the number (09) 823 1666.
Demolition services

Our services also include metal structures, buildings and industrial plants discharging. We perform demolition of metal structures around the country. We have extensive experience in the demanding performance of demolition work.